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March 21, 2013 / kosarilopgk

Download Paranoid Activity 2 Full Movie | Paranoid Activity 2 Full Lenght Film In Dvd Format

Genres: Horror
Actors: Natasha Blasick , Andrew Bassano Brewer , Braxton Davis , Manzie Jones , Jennifer Sommerfeld , Jenny Sommerfeld
Director: Kevin Clark , Manzie Jones
Country: United States
Year: 2011
IMDB Rating: 2.3/10 (379 votes)

Three college friends move into a small rental house in the middle of a cold and dark Alaskan winter. During a house warming party, a psychic medium calls forth a ghostly presence that increasingly becomes hostile toward the three. With very few options on the table, they must decide to confront the hostile presence, or die.

Film Review

This movie is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo boring. I kept watching it telling myself it has to get better… something has to happen… but no, all the action in the movie takes place in the last thirty seconds and that's being generous. I watched this movie for free and I still feel like I've been ripped off.One would think after two days of the moving stuff they would have called the psychic and said…"um ya know on second thought a hundred bucks to get rid of the ghost isn't such a bad deal afterall" these people are sosososososo dumb. All in all I'ld have to say the only good part of the movie was a very brief scene where the hot girlfriend has her butt hanging out of her short shorts.

I own a collection of low budget horror movies that are so bad that they are funny, this collection includes films such as Troll 2, Camp Blood, Killjoy, Don't Ring The Doorbell, Ghost Lake, Spiders 2 and many more…this film is worst than all of the low budget horror films that I own put together, this is by far one of the worst horror movies EVER made.It's basically about these three students who move into this house, they have a party, a psychic turns up, tells them there house is haunted, the party finishes, a few pots and pans move into the same position for the next few days, we see a shadow what is meant to be a ghost, something else happens which I can't remember because I was most likely asleep at that point then the film FINALLY ends.It is truly unbelievable how bad this film is, it must've been made on no budget what so ever, I mean what was the director thinking?! and as for the actors I have NEVER seen acting as bad as this before especially the psychi…

I have to admit I fast forwarded quite a few times, so I might have missed something, but I seriously doubt it.Don't watch this if you like horror movies. The targeted audience is clearly people who enjoy watching other people sleeping or waiting around looking bored. The nice thing about haunted house movies, even totally lame ones, is that you can usually spend the time admiring the beautiful old house with an interesting history. Not happening here though. We get a lame soulless modern house.The director was probably worried about scaring off his intended audience with something actually cool. We get a lame soulless modern house. MAJOR SPOILER BELOW !!! On the positive side, the ghost is very efficient once he realizes that he only has 30 left on the battery. Record breaking drowning ( less than 15 sec ) and a nice 6 second strangulation. I guess fake blood was one of the many things they couldn't afford.

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